Computers & Peripherals Retail Store are closing for Good  after April 29, 2017,

Ever since the Ontario Liberal Harmonized Sales Tax 13%,
add OES Waste Tax in Ontario most Computer Parts: Keyboard/mouse/Hard drives/Monitors ...
Gas/Rent/Utilities bills are all add 13%, that are killing the Computer/Electronic Sales


  OES Fees must be charged on Printer and LCD Monitors: 
Desktop Printers: $ 10.35, Computer Monitor <29" $ 12.25, Displays > 29" $ 39.50, Portable computer $ 1.50, Desktop Computers  $ 3.00,
Hard Drives/Optical Drivers/Keyboard/Modem/Mouse  $ 0.75

Microsoft already gives Major Brand PCs deadline: no more new Windows 7 PCs preinstall after October 31, 2016.

But only in existing inventory. And Windows 7 PCs will become increasingly hard to find as that inventory vanishes from warehouses, because OEMs won't be allowed to build new consumer and business PCs for the retail channel with any version except Windows 10 preinstalled.

Many OEMs Systems have many Preinstall bloatware in Windows that are slow down the PCs performance.

C & P builds Business Computer Systems with Windows 7 Professional

C & P does custom build systems, the systems are not built like Major OEMs.  C & P uses quality parts, genuine Windows 7 with DVD full disc for future windows recovery, repair or custom partition formatting, so you won't lose important data on seperate partition. Windows 7 Operating System is much easier to do Virus cleaning & Windows repair in case Windows crashing, then Windows 8.
Dell/HP/Lenov/Acer offer Windows 8 Operating Systems, do not come with Recovery Discs or License Product key in case you want to do the custom installation again.  MS Windows 8 Operating System is much harder to use,  brandname Computers do not install all the - updates, the process of updates and testing will take about 4-5 hours minimum.

Systems Specials with Windows 7,


Better build than any Major Brandname Desktop PC,

Off-Lease /Refurbished

Weekly Special

New Notebooks

New AMD Systems

New INTEL Systems

INTEL Gaming Systems

We do customer Build Computer Systems with Windows 7,
Computers Systems/Notebook Trouble-shooting, Virus Cleaning, Data Recovery,

Email me if you want to place order:

 Note: Now all Windows 7 OS updates will take 4-5 Days....

**** Windows 7 Pre-built and Off-Lease PC-Notebook are running out,
they will replace with Windows 10 Version gradually after November, 2016 ****


Email me if you want to place order:

It is the time to downgrade the systems or Notebooks to Windows 7 Professional from us,

*** All Monitors must add OES EEE Steward Fees affects on May 01, 2013,
Ontario Government must charge extra  before HST total of 13%